Experience the magic of Antarctica through fun and interactive 360° Virtual Tours linked to select cards on Antarcticards.com. These tours are provided by 360° World Atlas, an online World Atlas Project launching later this year, and include narrations, hotspots, and enriching content. 


Only card buyers have access to special QR links. Each deck comes with several unique 360° VR QR code links printed on the face of the card, including Gold Harbour of South Georgia. Scan the QR code on the card and view it on your phone to see this incredible destination. This value-added interactivity brings Antarctica to your desktop or phone!

Click on the photo below to visit this incredible example destination! 

Interactive Map from 360° World Atlas for Antarcticards included with access code:

that is supplied with each deck of cards located on Red Joker card.

The 360° World Atlas features over 2,500 Virtual Tours from Around the World. Wander through Antarctica exploring penguin rookeries, then off to Easter island to stand in awe at the base of the giant Moai statues. Or perhaps a visit to the Lost City of Incas – Machu Picchu, each stop is at the click of your computer mouse.


If you have enjoyed these 360° Virtual Tours from Antarctica - we invite you to “Join the Journey” and see even more of our precious planet – when you subscribe today! www.360WorldAtlas.com